Australia has produced a fewgreat actors and actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchet, etc. These actors and actresses have their fair share of struggles but are counted as A-list artistes since years. Another name that is likely to hit the same stardom is of Dayne Barkley, who is a young rising Australian actor aspired for Hollywood.

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Dayne Barkeley ( the potential and flame for acting since he was a child. However, the first opportunity to really exhibit his talent came when he was just15 years of age. He participated in the 10thhigh school ensemble at that age.

His effort received appreciation when his group won the Best Ensemble Performance for the Theatre Festival organised by Monash School. There were 20 schools from the regional and metropolis Victoria in the competition. In fact, the award boosted the spirit of year 10 group so much that they toured across the entire region of Victoria and performed at various venues.That can be said to be the first indication of stardom to Dayne Barkley. However, even at that young and desperate age, he was matured enough to keep his feet firm on the ground. Instead of flying high in dreams, Dayne took steps to realise his dreams.

The success of the group in which Dayne had participated cannot be credited fully to Dayne but that he was part of the performance that was the best cannot be denied either. Since then, Dayne has taken some solid steps towards his Hollywood aim.In all probabilities, he derived inspiration and determination to become Hollywood superstar during his stay in Maine as tennis coach for a summer camp. After his return to his hometownin Melbourne, he began training on acting at Victoria College of the Arts.

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He has trained extensively at Film & Television StudioInternational in South Melbourne for years since 2009. It was there where he improved his screen acting method. He was under the training of Coach Jay Contor for the entire year of 2012. During that period, he teamed up with Anthony Perri on acoustic guitar. He even performed at Burrinja Cafe, Upwey, Victoria twice with Perri. In 2013, he trained under Todd Rohrbacher to improve his groundings at Actors Comedy Studio, Los Angeles for 3 months in 2013.

Dayne works at Sydney Talent Management, Gilchrist Management, which is a renowned management group. However, his desire to hit at Hollywood and continue the legacy that some of the senior actors and actresses from Australia have developed in Hollywood is as much flaming.Undoubtedly, Hollywood is the most prestigious platform to work at for any actor but the path to success in Hollywood is not easy either.

However, that is where all the training that Dayne has been through would give him the edge over others. As far as opportunity is concerned, Dayne’s decisionsreveal his belief in paving the way to success rather than searching for shortcuts.

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