How to take back control of your finances and rebuild your future

United States (October 20, 2014) - Imagine coming home after work and all of your lights are off and the food you could barely afford in the first place is starting to go bad in the now useless cooler that you call a refrigerator. Imagine still that your kids are crying, your spouse is upset and there is nothing you can do until Friday when you get paid. You may be imagining this, but for many Americans this is an awful reality that they face far too often. More than 35 percent of Americans have unpaid bills that have been reported to collection agencies. The average household credit card debt in America is $15,607. These are not unemployed strangers; they are your friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Facing the modern world with poor credit is not only difficult, but it is downright debilitating. Many Americans take for granted simple things like their bank accounts or having Credit cards as safety nets, not to mention the reliable and safe cars that they drive. Unfortunately, without credit, none of these things are possible. Millions of Americans are being charged to cash their own paychecks, and millions more drive older, unreliable vehicles that carry loans exceeding 30% interest! When you add in not having a credit card for emergencies, a very difficult situation is created.

There is a general assumption that people in debt are there because of mistakes they have made. To the contrary, most of those in financial upheaval are placed there by circumstances outside of their control. Many Americans were laid off or lost their investments as a direct result of the great recession that took place between 2007 and 2009. Many more fell ill or had accidents while unemployed and uninsured. A recent study showed that unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcies in America. In addition, rising gas prices, fewer high-paying

jobs and global unrest are making the process of repairing credit even more difficult.

All is not lost, however. A program exists with dedicated and understanding people who are willing to help. TheresHopeforYourCredit.com is a website designed to help individuals find their way out of the credit trap. Founded by self-titled “crazy do-gooders,” TheresHopeforYourCredit.com (also known as “Credit University) is the largest personal finance and credit educator on the Web. The group started back in 2006, has gone national with a website created to help individuals through a membership-based program. The free membership provides training modules, tips on deciphering credit reports and ways to receive free reporting. The paid memberships give you the added benefit of extended training sessions, weekly webinars and access to online mentors. With years of experience and countless success stories, TheresHopeforYourCredit.com will help to lift the burden of debt and give Americans the upper hand in achieving their dreams.

For more information on enrollment, or for general questions, about Personal Finances please visit http://www.thereshopeforyourcredit.com/



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